Collecting Magazines

I have to say, strange as it may seem, I really enjoy listing magazines on my website, it is so interesting to be able to read through them and look at all the old adverts and news articles. Today I’ve spent time listing the Seven Days Magazines which were a free supplement with the Hello Magazine back in 2001-2003 approximately.

I do wonder when I’m leafing through them and listing them, what constitutes as too small for listing purposes. This magazine for example features the Celebrity Chefs on the cover and inside you’ll find small snippets on eight celebrity chefs including Nigella Lawson, Delia Smith, Ainsley Harriott, Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes, Antony Worrall Thompson and Brian Turner.

In this small snippet on Jamie Oliver gives some nice background info on Jamie, informing us how he tinkered as a child in his parents pub/restaurant.  He also shares his love for Gordon Ramsay, saying that if you actually go into his kitchen, he’s got a lot of love for his staff.

His ambition back then was to win a Michelin Star…. but he thought it unlikely as his cooking isn’t fiddly enough!

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