Soaplife Magazines & First Dates

This evening I’ve enjoyed the delights of listing my Soaplife Magazines whilst watching one of my favourite TV Shows – First Dates!!

I have to say my favourite issue has to be the one featuring the Mini 8 page pull out on Nigel Harman – Inside Soap 29/07/05 – I loved his character in Eastenders and actually shed a few tears when he met his untimely demise!


But whilst enjoying my listing time, I have to say I was thoroughly enjoying First Dates until this moment arrived! I mean I love this show, its one of my faves, and I’m all for honesty but I felt this chap was just rude.  John was on a date with Greig. Greig seemed a nice enough chap, but John decided to flirt with the waiter in front of Grieg and then basically asked Greig to leave, so that he could enjoy his dinner in peace! Was it just me who was outraged! I mean how rude! Lets hope they get Greig back on there so we can find him a decent man!!

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