Who would have thought of collecting crisp packets back in the 1980s…

Who would have ever thought back in the 1980s that empty crisp packets may one day become valuable!! At the age of 8 in 1980, I started collecting crisp packets. I’d always loved crisps and in those days, the highlight of my week, was a James Bond movie on a Sunday and my Dad giving me £1.00 to go to the shop, where I’d come back with 10 packs of crisps to munch my way through during the movie.

I loved the shiny packets and decided to start my own little crisp packet collection! 34 years later during a house move, I happened upon them in the loft, and had a real trip down memory lane, looking through all the packets and wondering at how much they have changed over the years.
Having been a keen seller of collectable items for the past 20 years, I thought I’d try my luck at selling a few packs and was pleased when I managed to achieve between £10 and £15 per empty packet, some are in better condition than others, but they are still great collectable items, there can’t be many of these wonders available, although I did recently happen upon Dave Valentine, who it seemed had the same idea as me and started his own crisp packet collection! Looks like me and Dave are cut from the same cloth, see his story below! Just goes to show you really can’t under estimate the fortunes one can find when going through their loft!!!

Click here to check out the remaining empty crisp packets from my collection


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