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Inside Soap - 2002 10/05/02

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1/4 page JIMMY MCKENNA (Spot the Difference)
2 page NATALIE CASSIDY (The girl is mine!)
1 page STEPHEN HUNT (Wheels of misfortune - Neighbours)
1 1/2 pages CHRIS CHITTELL (Gloria and Pollard - Big day!)
1/2 pages MICHAEL GRECO (Q&A)
1 page JENNIFER JAMES (Corner shop shock!)
1 page TAMMIN SURSOK (Dani9s nightmare)
1 1/2 pages ADAM WOODYATT (Sleeping with the enemy)
1 page KATE BAINES (Driven by revenge)
1 page PATRICK MOWER (Breaking point!)
2 page STEVEN ARNOLD (We are family!)
1 page BARBARA WINDSOR (Kicked out of the vic!)
3 page FREYA COPELAND (I never wanted to be on TV - so joining Emmerdale was terrifying)
1 1/2 pages ALI BASTIAN (Heaven and Hell)
1 page GORDON THOMAS (Where are they now - Dynastys Adam Carrington)