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Inside Soap - 2002 21/06/02

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2 page JESSIE WALLACE (Dangerous game)
1 page PETER AMORY (Facing the truth)
1 pages TINA O BRIEN (Baby blues)
1 pages STEPHEN HUNT (Happy every after)
2 page JULIE GOODYEAR (Back where she belongs!)
1 pages KELVIN FLETCHER (Reality bites)
4 page NEIGHBOURS REUNITED (4000 episodes reminiscing over magic moments and memories)
1/2 page JANE GURNETT (Q&A)
1 page LETITIA DEAN (Love fool - shes not the only woman in Toms life)
1 1/2 pages PHILIP OLIVIER (Heaven & Hell)
1 pages ANNA FRIEL (Food for thought - Fields of Gold)
1 1/2 pages MAX BROWN (Heaven and Hell)
1 page ANDREW LYNFORD (Eastenders Simon - Where are they now)