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Inside Soap - 2010 13/03/10

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1/2 page JUNE WHITFIELD - Meet Blanche's bestmate
3 pages PATRICK MOWER - Rodney thinks he's still only 34
1 page MELISSA SUFFIELD - happy families
2 pages VICKY BINNS - Maybe this baby will bring Molly and Kevin back together
1 page TINA HOBLEY - From here to paternity
2 pages JANE DANSON - tells us why she loves being a mum
2 pages NICOLA WHEELER - Baby Rebecca steals every single scene
2 pages KYM VALENTINE & CARLA BONNER - The children are much more fun to act with than the adults
2 pages CARLEY STENSON & NINA WADIA - talk about their experiences as mums on screen and off
2 pages GARNON DAVIES - I'm not a geek like Elliot - I came bottom of my science class
1 page PAULINE QUIRKE - It isn't the sexy side of policing - I couldn't do the job for real
1/2 page CHRISTIAN JESSEN - talks telly
1/2 page RICHARD HAMMOND - the invisible man