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Inside Soap - 2010 Yearbook

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2 pages KATHERINE KELLY - It's a whole new chapter now, Becky is Mrs Mcdonald
2 pages CHARLIE G HAWKINS - There will definitely be a wedding next year
2 pages EMMA RIGBY - A fairy tale ending£ that's just not hollyoaks
2 pages VICKY BINNS - Molly's going to smash the Webster family apart
2 pages LACEY TURNER - Everyone wants Bradley and Stacey back together
2 pages JEFF HORDLEY & EMMA ATKINS - Cain and Charity£ There'll definitely be fireworks
2 pages ALAN FLETCHER - NEIGHBOURS - People are begging me to tell them what happens next
2 pages ALISON KING - The viewers really want their bitch back
2 pages NICOLA WHEELER - There's always disaster looming for Nicola
2 pages SAMANTHA WOMACK - Ronnie and Jack can't resist their sexual chemistry