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Inside Soap - 2011 03/09/11

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2 pages JENNIFR METCALFE - Mercedes Hen Night Madness
1 page AXLE WHITEHEAD - Liam's return
3 pages NINA WADIA - Yusef has made the Masoods even more exciting
2 pages CHELSEA HALFPENNY - Amy's a mess, she doesn't know what to do
2 pages KATE FORD - This is the ultimate revenge for Tracy
1 page EMMA SAMMS - I'd love to play a doctor in Casualty
2 pages EVE MOREY - Sonya's story is making me broody
2 pages TONY DISCIPLINE - It's really embarrassing filming in your pants
2 pages TOM LISTER - Pedal Power - shares the trials and tribulations of Team Emmerdales epic journey from the Dales to Albert Square
2 pages LOUISA LYTTON - Ruby could return to Walford as a hard faced bitch
1 page EMILY WATSON - stars in a drama offering a new angle on one of Britains most infamous crimes
1/2 page DANIEL RYAN - picks his dream viewing
1/2 page MARTIN SHAW - By George!