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Inside Soap - 2011 04/06/11

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3 pages JENNIE MCALPINE - Fiz on trial
3 pages DAVID ESSEX - Eastenders is a great adventure for me
2 pages MICHELLE KEEGAN - It would be great if Tina got back with David
1 page DIETER BRUMMER - People don't call me Shane any more...
2 pages ROKHSANEH GHAWAM SHAHIDI - Leyla's life is perfect happiness right now!
1 page SARAH JANE POTTS - Joining Holby was a real shock to the system
2 pages IAN SMITH - NEIGHBOURS - The reason I'm back in Neighbours£ The money
2 pages RACHEL SHENTON - I'm nothing like Mitzeee - I don't even really wear make up
2 pages JACQUELINE LEONARD - I got hate mail in Eastenders
1 pages JAMES PUREFOY & DERVLA KIRWAN - Trial and Error - I often play extreme men, so I liked playing somebody normal
1/2 page DUNCAN JAMES - picks his dreaming viewing