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Inside Soap - 2011 08/10/11

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2 pages PREEYA KALIDAS - Syed meet your daughter
2 pages EMMA ATKINS - Charity's secret kiss
2 pages SUE CLEAVER - Eileen really deserves a good man
2 pages JO JOYNER - Tanya is terrified but she's trying to stay positive
2 pages MARK CHARNOCK - Marlon hasn't felt this way since Tricia
2 pages DANNY MILLER - It's not only me who's winning - its the whole show
1 page DANNY MAC - It's the writers who make me walk around with my shirt off
1 page MICHELLE KEEGAN - I really don't feel like a sexy person
1 page BILL TARMEY - Everybody cried when they read the script of Jack's final scene
1 page EMMETT SCANLAN - This just goes to show that fairy tales can come true
1 page TAMEKA EMPSON - I want a whole new room to show off my award
1 page CORONATION STREET - The live episode was incredible
1 page MAISIE SMITH - I got really excited when I found out that I'd won
1 page WATERLOO ROAD - Waterloo Road is a fantastic show to be a part of
1 page HOME & AWAY - We wouldn't do what we do without the show's loyal fans
1/2 page JESSICA WALLACE - My favourite storyline has been the baby swap - as an actress, you thrive on dramatic scripts
1 page eastenders - best soap
1 page DARREN BOYD - Spy
1/2 page JO BRAND - picks her dream viewing
1/2 page STEPHEN MANGAN - Blair necessities