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Inside Soap - 2011 13/08/11

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2 pages MATTHEW WOLFENDEN - Frocky horror show
1/2 page REBECCA CALLARD - I didn't want to disappoint my mum!
3 pages JO JOYNER - Tanya doesn't know what her future holds
2 pages MICHELLE KEEGAN - Tina has a tough decision to make
1 page EMMETT J SCANLAN - I like showing Brendans soft side!
2 pages JEFF HORDLEY - Cain would love a baby... but with the right person
2 pages DANIEL EWING HOME & AWAY - Our shows are a huge part of peoples weekdays
1 page EVE MOREY NEIGHBOURS - I'd like own kids to be exactly like Morgan
1 page ELISABETH DERMOT WALSH - DOCTORS - Naughty white van men heckle me
2 pages JOHN MICHIE - I think I have a lot of suppressed violence in me
2 pages GEMMA ATKINSON - catch up with..... - I had to say no to going back to Hollyoaks
1 page BRIAN DOWLING - Celebrity Big Brother
1/2 page SAM ROBERTSON - picks his dream viewing
1/2 page JOHN BARROWMAN - Torchwood