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Inside Soap - 2012 07/01/12

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2 pages ALAN HALSALL - Tyrone's baby surprise!
3 pages CHUCKY VENN - My kids tell me I'm cool now that I'm in eastenders
2 pages JEREMY SHEFFIELD - Danny believes Becky can do better than Steve!
2 pages CHARLOTTE BELLAMY - Laurel and Ashley£ I think they're doomed
1 1/2 pages EMMETT J SCANLAN - Brendan's trying hard to be a good dad
2 pages OLIVER COLEMAN - CASULATY - My parents are proud to have a Doctor in the family
2 pages NICOLA WHEELER - I'd love for Nicola to have an affair!
2 pages TODD CARTY - I miss the Eastenders banter
1/2 page STEPHEN TOMPKINSON - Wild at Heart