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National Revue - Summer Special Issue - 1985 Madonna

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in very good condition and rare cover of MADONNA

Inside cover LESLIE GRANTHAM - black and white
3 pages CARMEN SILVERA - I always play women with pimples or a limp
3 pages DEBBIE ARNOLD - hopeless love for Bowie
1 page RICHARD GERE - Second Gere - Richard changes his image
2 pages GRACE KELLY - Grace revealed all for Hitchcock the peeping Tom
Topless picture of JOAN CRAWFORD
2 pages JOANNE NEWMAN & PAUL NEWMAN - Furious Joanne can't get enough
2 pages MADONNA - Women can get what they want
1 page RAQUEL WELCH - That's how Raquel keeps super shape - think slim
2 pages BOB HOPE - 52 years of Bob Hope's jokes and his wife is still laughing
2 pages MICHAEL J FOX - Women want to pick me up and hug me
1 page LATOYA JACKSON - The making of Miss Jackson
1/2 page MARIE OLSSON - wearing a swimsuit
1 page topless DEBEE ASHBY - page three girl
Back inside cover black and white photo LULU
Back page full colour GLORIA HUNNIFORDSmall feature Zsa Zsa Gabor, Anneka Rice