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Inside Soap - 2002 07/06/02

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Magazine is in very good condition

2 page NICHOLAS BAILEY (The Trueman showdown!)
1 page TINA O BRIEN (Rebel, Rebel!)
1 1/2 pages HOLLY VALANCE (Kiss, Kiss!)
1/2 pages MARJI CAMPI (Q&A)
1 page JONATHAN WRATHER (Here comes trouble!)
2 pages LEAH BRACKNELL (Passion and pain)
1 page STEVE MCFADDEN (The truth hurts )
1 page TIFFANY CHAPMAN (Save our baby)
1 page SID OWEN (I can't wait to get back to Walford)
3 pages MADELEINE WEST (The Inside Interview - I was so scared when i joined Neighbours that I hid from the other stars - and hyperventilated over my first screen kiss - Neighbours Dee)
1 1/2 pages MICHAEL GRECO (Pasta La Vista - photo story)
1 1/2 pages MAX BROWN (Heaven and Hell) 1 page JULIE WALTERS (Mother in mourning)
1 page SUSAN TWIST (Brookies Rosie - Where are they now )