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Inside Soap - 2014 17/05/14

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3 pages DIANE PARISH - Denise has been humiliated by Ian - but she can't leave him
2 pages SAMIA GHADIE - Maria is terrified by what she's done
2 pages CHARLIE CLAPHAM - I was so excited that I ran around my flat naked
1 page TERENCE DONOVAN - Pam things Doug is having an affair - NEIGHBOURS
1 page CHIZZY AKUDOLU - Mo would love to be a celebrity doctor
2 pages VERITY RUSHWORTH - I've been married over a year, but still haven't had my honeymoon
1 page PHILIP GLENISTER - Days of four lives - There were no stunt doubles in the explosion scene. We were very brave!
1 page TOM HOLLANDER - Chapter & verse - stars as poet Dylan Thomas